Author: Tor Eystein Øverås
Tor Eystein Øverås is an intellectual nomad, highly respected among authors, critics and readers for his wonderful prose and essays and for his distinguished position as a leading critic of film and literature. In 2010 he won the prize as Norway’s best literary reviewer for his book “Livet! Litteraturen!” (“The life! The literature!")

Øverås was born in 1968 in a small town, Bodø, just north of the polar circle. ”Tittelløs” (”Without title”) was his debut novel, published in 1993. Three years later came his second novel, ”Fortelleren” (”The narrator”). In 1998-1999 he edited Norway’s most prestigious literary magazine ”Vinduet”.

In 2000 he left Norway and has lived the life of an intellectual nomad for the past ten years. In 2005 he published his essayistic, literary travelogue “Til: En litterær reise.” (“Towards: A literary journey”) to wonderful and unison reviews. The book is based on his travel around the Baltic Sea, through the nine countries who border the Baltic Sea. In all his writing Øverås has a strong interest in the literature, art and culture of Europe’s northern areas.

In between his wandering Øverås has lived in Stockholm, Warszawa, Berlin and Krakow. Today he shares his time between Berlin and Gildeskål in Nordland, Norway. For the time being he is working on a new novel.

In this landscape
The Life! The Literature!
The Narrator
Towards. A literary journey
Without title

[Towards. A literary journey] is a book with a a level of ambition we need more of in Norwegian literature.
- VG